A Testament to Craftsmanship

In old Paris, under the ancien régime, merchants and noblemen had a tradition: important documents were placed in finely crafted bags and hung for safekeeping. These bags symbolized pending deals, awaiting final approval. The expression "L'affaire est dans le sac" — "it's in the bag" — signified that the deal was as good as done, securely stored and ready to be completed.

At LEPLI, we draw inspiration from this storied past. Each of our designs is a testament to timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship. Like those historical canvas bags that held significant agreements, our handbags are cherished companions, ready to hold your daily treasures.

A LEPLI handbag is not fashion statement, but a piece of living craft, made with the same care and attention to detail as those bags of old. Each stitch, each signature "pli", is a story of dedication and heritage, crafted from the finest French leathers.

When you choose LEPLI, you’re embracing a tradition where quality and aesthetic meet practicality. Much like the deals of yesteryears, secured and celebrated once they were "in the bag," your LEPLI handbag is a promise of elegance and durability, in the spirit of French craftsmanship.

A LEPLI creation is made to endure, to accompany you on your journeys, to bear witness to your stories. So, when you hold a LEPLI handbag, remember: "L'affaire est dans le sac." Your deal is done, your style is bold, and your story is ready to be written.

  • "A bag as beautiful as origami, noble as exceptional leather to which all the majesty remains yet simple enough to become the confidant and unfailing companion for the life it embodies."

    Valerie Clerc, L'Officiel