Our Philosophy

LEPLI was born from the desire to create simple and modern lines cut from the most luxurious leathers.
Each hide and color is carefully selected from the finest French tanneries.

Each design is cut and assembled in our French ateliers to ensure maximal use and reduce unnecessary waste.

Our collections are built on signature designs and a signature "pli" carried through from season to season.

We believe a LEPLI creation is made to withstand the test of time as it becomes an integral part of your day to day life.

Our collections are limited in quantity and are produced according to demand, with a new drop every 8 weeks or so.

Each model, and each color, is limited with the exception of Black & Gold, and may vary in texture and in grain depending on the specificity of the skins selected.

LEPLI uses bovine skins with European origin, tanned in France. The skins used will have either a natural or mechanically enhanced grain, making each piece truly unique.